Independent Verification Panel


Within 12 months of a product achieving the status of Certified Responsible Investment, the Program Standard requires Certified Product issuers to be subject to an independent verification.


Current Panel Members

There are three events that may trigger the dispatch of a third-party verification provider from the Panel.


I. when a product provider or superfund whole-of-fund applicant initially seeks entry into the Program.

II. when there is a material change to a certified product or advisory service’s responsible investment strategy or process.

III. when RIAA undertakes its spot audit of between 5% – 10% of the eligible certified members. RIAA may seek the assistance of Panel members in the execution of this Program administration commitment (spot audit fee is paid by RIAA).

It is a requirement of the Certification Program that all new product applications are subjected to an independent verification (IV). However an exception may be applied, at the discretion of RIAA if ALL of the following conditions are satisfied:

– Issuer has an existing certified product – with the same or very similar responsible investment approaches – that has been subjected to an IV

– IV over the existing product has been undertaken in the past two years and outcome of the IV was favourable in reference to certification criteria

– RIAA certification team has sufficient comfort that an IV is not additive to the objectives of the Program, particularly consumer protections

ESG Research Partners


RIAA’s Responsible Investment Certification Program is the trusted source on quality responsible investment products and services in Australia and New Zealand.


The Program verifies and assures that a responsible investment product is delivering on its sustainability claims, meets high standards of delivering on those claims, and is transparent on the approach to responsible investment.


RIAA has recently partnered with 4 ESG Research partners to provide a further in-depth ESG analysis, to our long running and trusted Certification Program.


We are grateful to the following ESG Research Providers for their support of RIAA’s Certification Program.