Responsible Investment Certification Program


The Responsible Investment Association Australasia’s (RIAA) Responsible Investment Certification Program is the leading initiative for distinguishing quality responsible, ethical and impact investment products and services in Australia and New Zealand.


RIAA’s Certification Symbol is recognised by investors and consumers across the region, providing confidence that a product or provider is delivering on its responsible investment promise and meeting the Australian and New Zealand Standard for responsible investing.


With interest in responsible and ethical investing at an all-time high, research shows that the overwhelming majority of Australians and New Zealanders prefer to invest in a product or organisation that has been independently certified for its responsible investment practices.


RIAA’s Certification Program is the longest running responsible investment program in the world, and its Certification Symbol, a Registered Trademark owned and managed by RIAA, is the most trusted mark for responsible investment products and service providers.


Products and providers certified by RIAA are featured on the Responsible Returns online tool, connecting consumers who care about responsible and ethical investing to find products and providers that match their investment beliefs and personal values.


RIAA’s Certification Symbol signifies that:


  • A product or service has implemented an investment style and process that systematically takes into account environmental, social, governance or ethical considerations, and this investment process reliability has been verified by an external party. The product or service meets the strict operational and disclosure practices of Certification Program requirements.


  • financial adviser has committed to offering responsible and ethical advice to all their clients, is experienced in offering specialist advice, and has responsible investment products on their approved product list.


Certified responsible investment products, investment management services, superfunds, financial advisers and financial advisory groups must:


1. Meet strict operational and disclosure requirements and make publicly available specific details of their services as laid out under the respective category of the Certification Standard

2. Invite their members, clients and peers to hold them to account for their behaviours consistent with the Program Code of Conduct

3. Be subjected to the Quality and Thresholds Test

4. Promote the Standard by incorporating the Certification Symbol into marketing and communications material in accordance with the Certification Symbol Licensee Agreement and the Licensee Marketing Kit and Style Guide

5. Agree to participate in good faith in the Program’s Concerns & Grievance Policy and Procedures with a view to protecting the reputation of responsible investment peers, individual investors and/or the responsible investment industry as a whole

6. Hold current membership with the Responsible Investment Association Australasia

7. Be operating/offered for investment in Australia and/or New Zealand

8. Be current and legally trading

9. Not be persistently subject to legal proceedings and/or regulator investigation

10. Commit to notify RIAA of material changes in product or service characteristics that may impact the suitability of the product remaining certified under the Program.


When you see the certification symbol you know that an investment product or adviser has met strict standards and is delivering on its responsible investment promise, helping you to find the investment options that are right for you.


Start your search for responsible and ethical investments now.


Important information about the Responsible Investment Certification Program:

The Responsible Investment Certification Program is not designed for the purpose of providing personal financial product or investment advice. The Certification Program is designed to provide information solely on the responsible and ethical investment strategies that apply to each of the Certified investment products for information only.

The information provided by the Certification Program is not a recommendation to invest in any investment products. It does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or investment needs all of which should be considered prior to making an investment decision. You should seek professional financial advice before making any investment decision.



Have a concern about the Program?

Of greatest importance to the viability and ultimate success of the Program is the maintenance of its credibility and its value to investing consumers. We therefore invite and welcome our stakeholders submitting to us their feedback and concerns about any issues related to the Program. Click here to read the Program’s Concerns and Grievance Statement.